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MZRT (The Magnificently Zealous Renegade Takeover) is my 6th and final studio album.

Get MZRT (Digital) + 12 Bonus Songs for $10

Features the singles 'New New', 'Designer Pain', 'Sounds' (feat. Bobby V), 'The Wood', 'Ride For Each Other', 'No Prisoners', 'Who Wears The Crown' (feat. Jasmine V) and outside production from collaborators WondaGurl, !LLMind, No Genre, and members of the Black Phoenix Beat Club. This album was performed at the Shönburg Palace in Vienna, Austria on NYE 2015.

Hard copies will ship from the plant in 2-3 weeks. Autographed copies will be shipped to me from the plant to be signed and then shipped to you in 4-6 weeks.

To subscribe to the lifetime album (includes this album + one single per month until I retire from the game) click here: http://rles.tv/mzrtlife

This album was released on July 4, 2015. Independence day.

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